Christy Mattoon is a cutting-edge intuitive, remote energy healer, and Energy Psychologist. 

She is a speaker, teacher and healer. 

Christy believes that in order to truly heal you have to know how to align your system, take authority of it and make it work for you.

When presenting, she always provides a learning and experience based environment.

With prior engagements at The Harvard Club, Nasdaq, numerous in-person and online masterminds, in front of boards and panels, to private groups, ballroom style settings, and in break outs for more individualized experiences, Christy can handle any audience size and deliver a one-of-a-kind experience.

Most Requested Topics

  • Mind Rewire – Subconscious Change Secrets
  • What Subconscious Stress Will Do to You
  • The Correlation Between Subconscious Stress and Disease
  • How to Create a Practice to Calm Your Mind and Heal Your Body

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I teach and help people solve subconscious stress and change the way the think and feel by using the technology of there very own bodies.

Stop fear anxiety and issues of the past that stop your growth and potential for movement into your future.

With my expertise your audience will gain the experiences necessary for exponential growth and movement forward.

I am interested in speaking at your event.

Christy Mattoon

Subconscious Expert & Speaker, Mind Rewire

Christy Mattoon is the female Joe Dispenza! Incredible and amazingly in tune… I can’t rave enough about her, she makes the impossible possible!!! Words can’t describe how grateful I am to have her as a guide and teacher❤️❤️❤️

Shamina Plott

Christy has a wonderful way of speaking to a crowd. While everyone hears the same words they receive a completely unique message, always just for them.

Emily Young
CNA, Medical Medium

I would also like to say a big THANK YOU!

This was an awesome journey and really a new beginning for me in more than one sense.

I am now forever on this journey and will follow up on your YouTube videos and other self-development topics as on Mindvalley and Gaia.

Again, thank you so much for your time and effort and all the best to your journey of being the facilitator for the life-altering experience.

Helena S.

It was wonderful to hear Christy speak!
Applying the tools she teaches were a game-changer for me!

Lori Lane, San Diego, CA 

I learned how to be me. Christy and Mind Rewire are a huge welcomed addition in my life. I love asking her questions and getting her wisdom.

Ronnie Lamore

From listening and doing the exercises I’ve realized I can Navigate my life and find the blessings.

Susan Moore
Executive Food Management Service

I want to express my appreciation,and gratitude to Christy,I am happy to have met during this event. You helped me clear things up I was confused about.

Tanya Takmakona, Russia

I’m going to tell you something again you already know and have hear from many clients I’m sure. However I can’t get over this and know we have stumbled upon The BY-FAR Most Important, Paramount, Monumental, Life Changing Information on the planet, Maybe the universe. Fr drastic, almost Instantaneous Everlasting change. I am so absolutely grateful that I have been introduce to a modern day practitioner of this age old teaching that many a sage have tried to communicate through various mediums and of which we’ve practiced part of the story and committed to protocols that only partially worked, which we all know, therefore… didn’t work at ALL…

Thank You for what you do Christy. I can tell already that this is by far The Most Powerful Spiritual, Psychological, Personal Development (from inside the mind-out) Transformation that I’ve even come close to experiencing in all of my years.

I cannot thank you enough. Eric.

For Meeting Planners

For a meeting planner, the decision on a speaker is one of the most important you can make. And usually it’s on someone you’ve never met or even heard speak. That’s why it’s key to bring someone in who has a wealth of experience from grand ballrooms to small breakout sessions.

Christy Mattoon is a professional speaker. This is not just her hobby. Christy’s job is to make you look great and to deliver a world-class presentation. That not only delivers information but also gives your audience experiential evidence in subconscious release, changing the negative pathways in the mind and healing evidence in the physical body. 

Event planners have trusted Christy to inspire, motivate, entertain, and educate their audiences and Christy has delivered her talks with an unprecedented 100% satisfaction rate. People walk away with their eyes open and noticing a difference in the way they feel.

Christy has managed in all types of circumstances and is adaptable when things just are not going the way they were planned. She steps in and up to raise the level of energy in a room, or quite negative energies.

As a true Energy Healer, speaker, and author Christy’s talents are multifaceted.

Two-time #1 Best Selling Author, Christy Mattoon, is a wife and mother, who at a young age become a Chef in many different capacities in the kitchen. After becoming very ill and getting multiple diagnoses of autoimmune diseases she changed professions and started working towards healing her body and her life.